We are pair of engineers, who together created Origami with it's two branches: Origami Cafe and Origami 3D.
Both are our love children: we love what we do and after a lot of work we've made our dream come true: our greates passions are now our dayjob! 

Mission of Origami 3D

Origami was created to fill a specific void: to create a place in which engineering, science and art converge.
What separates us from typical 3D service company is that thanks to our broad multi-branch experience we can manage to solve the conundrums that are too complicated for others. We do this thanks to our knowledge, but also wide network of contacts which we've built over the years working in the industry.

In each and every project we engage with whole of our heart and passion, we can find many, sometimes not so obvious solutions to make our customer's vision into reality!

You can find our portfolio in the Realizatons tab. 

As we, above all, value personal approach please feel free to contact us anytime through Messenger, Skype, phone or e-mail!

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mobile: +48729155425